Discount Dial is easy to use! Our access numbers are available from almost any telephone in the UK(1). The international connection charges and VAT are included in the price stated for calling our access numbers. You will not receive a separate telephone bill from us; your call charges to our access numbers will simply appear on your telephone bill from your normal provider, usually BT but you can also use Discount Dial from Telewest, NTL or mobile phones. When you make a call using our access numbers, we receive a small margin of the call costs from your normal provider and therefore we do not have to send you a separate bill.

You can use Discount Dial even if you are subscribed to another call provider, such as One.Tel or Alpha Telecom and save even more money on your international calls.

Dialing instructions:

1. Dial the relevant access number for the country you wish to call.
2. Once you are connected you will hear a voice prompt, now dial the international telephone number in full (including 00).

For example:

You want to call landline number 0123456789 in France. Dial the relevant access number for France (0844 861 30 30). Once you are connected dial the country code for France (0033), followed by the subscriber number without the 0: 123456789. So dial 0844 861 30 30 0033 123456789! That's all!

Any questions?

See the Q&A-section or contact us.

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Choose the destination you want to call from the list and dial the access number.

Now dial the (international) number you want to call, including the country code.


That's all! You will be connected automatically to the number you desire. You will hear the free rate message front, so no surprises there. More info? Click here .


This is a product of Finarea SA